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Privacy Policy

Contact information provided by the buyer
(such as email address, telephone number, address, etc.)
is used solely for the purpose of completing
and billing the customer for their order.
This includes information pertaining to gift recipients.

Financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates,
bank account numbers, billing address, etc.
is kept confidential with the use of described payment methods.

Sales Warranty

We offer a three (3) year limited* warranty on all
MVPro Beach Volleyball Court System items.
(Warranty does not apply to Boundary Lines and Anchor Strap webbing
that is left out in the elements (permanently) for the duration of the summer.)
Items in need of replacement will be exchanged free of charge
upon the customer paid return of the defective product.

Return Policy

If for any reason one of our products is not as described
we will accept a return of unused and undamaged products
within 5 business days of your receipt of the item(s).
There will be a 10% re-stocking fee deducted
from the payment re-imbursement.

Customs Duty and Taxes

With shipping internationally and to the U.S.A.
there are occasional additional costs involved with delivery.
Any additional payments due to the shipper and/or
government, which are added to the cost of final delivery
to the customer, are the recipients responsibility.